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The Knight Wardens are a gaming community founded in August 2013 that has its origins in the game MechWarrior Online but as a community look to participate in other major games including Star Citizen. Our guiding principles are governed by our Christian faith in that we have a fun, family-friendly environment where we encourage each other through fellowship, equality, and fair play for all. While we have our faith as our guiding principle you do not have to be a believer in order to join but we do ask that you respect the principles that are contained within our code of conduct (no foul language or berating others in-game or on our TS server for example).

We strive to provide a place where new players and veterans alike can come and participate in the games they like to play free from those unwanted elements that can be found in most online activities. We do offer fellowship and fun in safe family surrounding. We also have members from all walks of life and play-styles from the casual gamer to those more competitive in nature. As stated above as we are highly anticipating the onset of Star Citizen. We are fully active in MWO as well as other games.

Within Star Citizen we plan to be active within the following game aspects: Military/Security (Convoy) Actions, Logistics (Refueling, Mining), Bounty Hunting, Trade, Exploration, Freelancing, and Privateering.

If interested in joining us please head over to our website at: <a href=""></a>

Here you can fill out an application and become a part of a community that has good people who work together to make our gaming experience as fun and encouraging as it can be!
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A Christian Gaming Community built upon having fun and competition in a family friendly environment