[PGE] Page:

The Page is a member who is a minor age family member of one of our permanent community members who are a squire or above.  They are entitled to full access use of the website and Teamspeak though remain under the guidance and direction of their adult age sponsor.

[PST] Peasant:

The Peasant is a brand new applicant approved to join our community. Once their two-week trial period is up they are then promoted to Squire provided they are active members of the community.  During this initial 2 weeks it is very import that this individual is an active member of the community so members get a chance to know them and they us.

  [SQR] Squire:
The Squire is anyone who has completed the 2 week trial period and has shown some activity in the community during that time. They have been granted full membership within the Community. Squires can also be casual players who have not joined or do not wish to join the more formalized aspects of the various games the community participates in, i.e. the front line units in MW:O, due to time restraints but maintain a minimum active presence either in Website of Teamspeak.

[KNT] Knight:  

The Knight has been an active participant in the community for at least 6 weeks and has a spotless discipline record. They show a willingness to help the community and a are strong examples of what our principles stand for.The Knight also shows potential leadership skills and is a veteran member which makes up the backbone of this community. 

 [PAL] Paladin: 

The Paladin is the first step in the officer corps and is the go between rank and file membership and the Officer Corp. This individual inspires confidence in others, encourages them to succeed at all times, and listens to the members under his/her command. The Paladin needs to be able to train the various game division members, administer tasks such promotions and awards in companies, recruiting, serve as temporary field commanders, and help recruit cadets to the community to fill out our rosters.  This Rank is considered part of the Council of Officers.

 [HPL] High Paladin: 
The High Paladin is an Executive Officer and assistant to the Knight Commander and his/her job is to advise the Commander and be a sounding board, or "angel's advocate," to all decisions that are made through the unit.  The High Paladin's official duty is to oversee the various game divisions they are responsible for. This includes Diplomatic, Administrative and Leadership tasks in detail.  The High Pladin is to also help promote and recruit for the community as well as appoint as many Paladins necessary to help see these efforts through. This rank is considered part of the Council of Officers.

 [KTCOM] Knight Commander: 

The "Commander" is the leader of the Knight Wardens Gaming Community. The Knight Commanders job is to protect the unit’s integrity. The "Boss" is here to listen and assist the unit as needed to maintain the flow of unit business.  The responsibilities of the High Paladin are mirrored here as well in regards to game division oversight and community promotion. This Rank is considered part of the Council Leadership Group and Head of the Community.

 Basic unit decisions will be made by the Commander and other officers (job descriptions, duties of officers, criteria for advancement, etc).

Community decisions (procedures, policies, etc.) will be decided by the Commander and governing Council. High Paladins and Paladins will help to guide and oversea these decisions.


The Legionnaire is the epitome of what it means to be a member of the Knight Wardens Gaming Community and live by our motto "Ductus Exemplo," live by example.  Members of this rank are given it permanently and if stepping down from a higher position will retain this rank.  This rank is bestowed by consensus of the Officers and nominations can come from any member of the community.  Suggestions for nomination though can be forwarded to any Officer for consideration. 

[AMB] Ambassador:

The Ambassador rank is here representing the vested interest of their community and is considered a trusted source of information and friend to this community. They are representing thier community in any potential working relationship to alliance that we have in the various games we play. They are held to the same standard as our regular member is as long as they are "Guests" to our community.