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The Knight Wardens: Holding back the tide!


The Knight Wardens, a mercenary unit with no House affiliation.We were founded on the principles of fair play, treating all equally, and having fun in a safe and family-friendly environment. This means we are profanity free and our code of conduct is based upon our Christian values: this means we treat all equally with dignity and respect. We welcome anyone who wants to be in an environment where friendship, fair play, and good-natured fun exist regardless of your particular faith as we are not here to evangelize anyone.

We are here to have fun without worrying about getting yelled at:
As with everyone else here we play this game to have fun. While there are times when it can be frustrating we also believe that frustration is not to be vented towards any member of our community or beyond… after all this is just a game. We plan to be competitive though so there are the expectations of participating regularly in the game.

What are we looking for in a recruit?
Players of all skill levels who share our values are welcome to join us.

How Do I Get Started?
Come and fill out an application at, setup your TeamSpeak client to our private server, and then hang out in the Ambassadors Lobby until someone from our community comes to greet you.

Recruitment Status:

Unit Type:
Merc Corp

Unit Motto:
Ductus Exemplo: Lead by Example

Lore Based Unit:
Not a lore-based unit but we are longtime fans of the Battletech universe and as such will shape our participation in Community Warfare upon this.

Usually Online:
7pm - 12am CST

Unit Website:
Time Schedules
Casual Social Roleplaying Hardcore voice TS3
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A Christian Gaming Community built upon having fun and competition in a family friendly environment