Callsign: Juvat
Date Inducted: 23 January 2013
Bio: Juvat was the Co-Creator of the Knight Wardens website after its conversion from the old Guild Website "Redemption" that was created by Brew-E. Juvat was instrumental in getting our Community up and running back in the very first days of its creation. His work in creating our Achievements page and many of the still existing features we have here to this day is a testament to his dedication and excitment to get this community up and going. By no small part several of the successes and continuted duration of the Knight Wardens Community is still largely contributed to his drive and determination when he helped to co-found this guild.
Callsign: Knnniggett
Date Inducted: 3 January 2014
Bio: Knnniggett was one of our first officers we promoted in the Knight Wardens to take the position of leadership in the PR department. Since his promotion he has consistently brought in fresh talent and perspectives to the guild and makes every individual who joins us feel welcomed and right at home. It has been under Knnniggett tireless efforts that our community has almost doubled in size in just a few short weeks since he has been promoted. The efforts of Knnniggett reflect great credit upon himself and the KWC and it is with pleasure that he becomes the first inductee into the Legion of Honor.
Callsign: HegemonLer
Date Inducted: 5 June 2014
Bio: HegemonLer was one of our first members to join us when we formed back in September of 2013. Since his joining HegemonLer has risen through the ranks and has been instrumental in getting our Star Citizen community organized and ready for "The Verse”. Through his weekly meetings and good natured attitude towards helping people out he brings a real stability to our leadership team. He is always the first to offer friendly advice on all matters from Star Citizen to general governance of our community.
Callsign: Artarious
Date Inducted: 21 August 2014
Bio: Artarious is one of our oldest members and joined us when the unit first started out. In his time with us he has held many positions within our Community. MWO Officer. PR Officer, Councilor, Confidant, and Friend. His energy and level of dedication to this community has been key to our growth and continued prosperity for us. Artarious is always ready to offer sage advice or equally a quick wit to keep the humor and strong fellowship rolling in the Knight Warden Community. We welcome him to the Legion of Honor.
Callsign: Bagel
Date Inducted: 21 August 2014
Bio: Bagel has not been a member of the KWC as long as some of our other members in the Legion Of Honor but since his joining from the first of month of 2014 he has taken more and more responsibilities upon his plate. He has been instrumental in preparing for and laying the ground work for our training operations in Star Citizen, to helping in anyway he can for our Mechwarrior Online division and General Administration of the Knight Warden Community. His calm demeanor and steady council helps keep us focused to the task at hand. We are a stronger community because of his presence.
Callsign: Silas Farseer
Date Inducted: 23 August 2016
Bio: Silas has been a member of this community for well over a year and a half as of this induction to the Legion of Honor. During this time Silas has been a solid member of our Star Citizen group and has offered countless advice and information to our community in the decisions we make in regards to that game title as well as others. With that being said his largest contribution and one that has radically changed who we are is his tireless help and effort in Re-Designing our Website and Logo branding.